• ‘Reading the City’ Trail •

‘The children all came back to the classroom with lots of enthusiasm and full of facts to share with the rest of the school.’

K. Hutchinson, Lady Bay Primary School.

The ‘Reading the City’ Trail is an adventure through Nottingham’s Local History and Literature, designed especially for Primary school education and to inspire the young minds of the future.

The town Trail helps to celebrate Nottingham’s new role as UNESCO City of Literature, as it brings famous local Literature to a younger audience.

Children will understand how Nottingham has inspired writers like Lord Byron, Allan Sillitoe, D.H. Lawrence and Charles Dickens to write about Nottingham in their work.

reading the city tour

The Trail is also an adventure through Local History. As children come across famous and infamous characters of Nottingham past, they will look at how real human stories, born of the streets, have become part of the folk memory in legends, sayings and urban myths.

‘Reading the City’ will be the ideal way to celebrate local identity and instil a sense of place in young minds. Sense of place equals pride of place!

With fun exploration and discussions to stimulate lateral thinking, children will be inspired by that which surrounds them. They will be encouraged to relate to it and to ask questions as they exercise their imaginations.

This will support work in the classroom and help kids put pen to paper, express themselves and write their own stories. Cross curricular in nature, it will deliver aspects of the National Cirriculum on the local stage.

alan silitoe
malt cross caves

Choose your own Host!
This Trail can be led by Robin Hood or by Ezekial Bone depending on your areas of study. As ‘Robin Hood’, there could be more emphasis on the legend. As Ezekial Bone, the emphasis would be on the City with Robin Hood being one of many stories. Bespoke service offered!


Explore Caves!
Ezekial Bone is proud to be working in conjunction with the Malt Cross and, subject to availability, we may be able to visit the caves beneath the Victorian Music Hall as the finale of this local adventure!

Suitable for: Primary school age
Duration : Approx. 90-120 minutes
Distance: Approx. 1.5 miles
Booking: 07941 210 986 or contact Ezekial Bone
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