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robin hood sherwood forest tour

‘…reaches back in history, shows leadership and creates a vision of a better future…’

The Sherwood Forest Trust

Robin Hood Sherwood Forest Tours

Robin Hood Sherwood Forest Tours

Join Robin Hood in Sherwood Forest Country Park and hear about the evolution of the legend told against the back drop of the ancient oaks of this world famous forest.

From Royal Hunting Forest to threatened fragment of ancient woodland, this tour looks at the history, the folklore and the web of life inherent in this natural wonder that lies at the heart of England.

Mainly for Group Bookings and occasional ‘Turn Up’ events.

Please call 07941 210 986 or contact Ezekial Bone to discuss your requirements.

Suitable for: Ages 10 and above (no buggies)
Duration : Approx. 120 minutes
Distance: Approx. 1.5 miles
Booking: 07941 210 986 or contact Ezekial Bone

Robin Hood Sherwood Forest Adventure

sherwood forest adventure

‘The experience helped the children to understand how the natural world and simple, but powerful, values can have such a significant impact on the life and world we live in today.’

Jo Brown, DHT, 2016

Guided by the Lady Marian, your group will go on an adventure between ancient oaks to meet the famous outlaw, Robin Hood. On their way down the greenwood paths, they will learn all about medieval life and will bump into the mighty Little John and the jolly Friar Tuck.

In the heart of the Forest, the group will meet Robin Hood by the Major Oak. Here the Merry Outlaws will perform some of the original medieval ballads and rally the people to the cause of Robin Hood in the modern day.

Aimed at Primary School age, the group will learn about the history and folklore of the area, about important environmental aspects of the forest and ‘green living’.

For Group Bookings, this Adventure is offered as part of a package with accommodation by the Youth Hostel Association.

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Suitable for: Primary school age
Duration : Approx. 90-120 minutes
Distance: Approx. 1.5 miles
Booking: 07941 210 986 or contact Ezekial Bone
sherwood forest adventure

‘As a Biology teacher, I also love how he brings ecological aspects into their focus…’

Belper School German Exchange