Nottingham Lace Market Tour

In the reign Queen Victoria and into the C20th Nottingham Lace was world famous. It transformed the face of fashion, was sent to the four corners of the globe and adorned millions of people and their homes. In the post war period, the Lace Market, once an industrial powerhouse, was in a state of dereliction and on the verge of demolition despite boasting some of the finest Victorian industrial architecture in the country.

Today, the Lace Market stands as one of the most remarkable areas of the Midlands where you will see a range of buildings that tell different chapters of the Nottingham story. This tour looks explores Nottingham’s textile industry and the quarter of town that is a reflection of it.

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Discover how the textile industry transformed Nottingham from a picturesque Georgian garden town, into an industrial hell hole slum and then into the Queen of the Midlands, the Lace capital of the world.

You will follow the threads of the human story woven into the fabric of the area. From the grinding poverty of the ‘Stockingers’ to the frame-breaking of the Luddites, to the glory days of the Victorian Lace Empire and the Lace Barons who built a City. You will come across other notable characters and events that have been woven together on the loom of life in Nottingham’s historic Lace Market.

The tour finishes in the bohemian quarter of Hockley, one of the best independent High Streets in the country, full of quirky independent shops, cafes and restaurants, the perfect place for lunch and explore further. Bear witness to the rise and fall of an empire and then buy into Nottingham’s Independent scene as it turns this creative quarter into a colourful, vibrant place for the C21st!

Footnote: Private Lace Market Tours are Bespoke. You can concentrate just on the textile story, or depending on the nature of your group, the story of the original man in tights can be woven into the narrative as St Mary’s Church is central to the legend of Robin Hood. Let Mr Bone know!

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Suitable for: Adults and older kids as part of family learning.
Duration: 100 mins
Turn Up Events: See Events Calendar
Price: POA
Starts: Nottingham Contemporary, Weekday Cross, NG1 2GB
Booking: 07941 210 986 or contact Ezekial Bone